Release: BAST x PRO-Keds Royal Sneakers

November 21st, 2016Posted by: Paper Monster  *** To be released Tuesday, November 22nd at 12pm Noon EST. *** Paper Monster is excited to announce the release of two Pro-Keds / BÄST Royal sneakers. Inspired by appliqué adornments taken...

Release: Swoon Edline Edition Variants

November 30th, 2015Posted by: Paper Monster* To be released on Thursday, December 3rd at around 12noon EST * Paper Monster is very excited to announce the release of Swoon's Edline Edition Variant artworks. Artist Caledonia Curry in discussing...


How and Nosm Storm Predictions
Rostarr La Lune
Taylor McKimens Humming Along
COST COST REVS "Fuck You" Print - 1993
Rostarr La Lune (With Blessings)