August 25th, 2010 Posted by: Paper Monster

Coming up in a little over a month from now is Offset, a sort of creative conference spanning the fields of design, art, music, and more.  Paper Monster friends Wooster Collective will be speaking this year as well as a slew of other great artists, designers, and art directors.  

All info can be found here as well as a bit more info below.  If you want to go book your tickets early!

OFFSET2010 is week long creative festival culminating in a 3 day conference taking place in Dublin’s Grand Canal Theater from Friday 1st-Sunday 3rd October. Bringing together the world’s leading creatives we are producing an event that will both showcase the best work being done today as well as engaging with the creative community at large for a week of celebration, debate and inspiration.

Speaker Line-up Includes the following and more:

Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook (Unit Editions) Graphic Designers / Publishers

Aiden Grennelle (Image Now) Graphic Designer

Alan Clarke Illustrator

Celestine Cooney Fashion Stylist

Daniel Eatock Artist

David Carson Graphic Designer

David O’Reilly Animator

Emily Forgot Illustrator

Espo (Steve Powers) Urban Artist

Gary Baseman Subversive Artist

Linda Brownlee Photographer

Lance Wyman Design Legend

M&E Graphic Designers

Mark Farrow Graphic Designer

Martin Haake Illustrator

Nate Williams Illustrator

Poke London Advertising Agency

Scott Dadich (Wired Magazine) Graphic Designer

Stephen Heller Art Director

Philip Hunt (Studio AKA) Animator

Tomer Hanuka Illustrator

Wooster Collective Street Art Bloggers

Zach Gold Photographer

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