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January 31st, 2011 Posted by: Paper Monster

Acclaim magazine recently did a feature on our own Antonio Diaz, catch it here or check the interview below.

A: In my research, I found absolutely nothing about you! Can you tell us a bit about your background? Where are you from and where did you grow up?

D: Ha. Yeah it can be pretty ambiguous out there on the web - aside from the professional boxer of the same name. This is a difficult question for me to answer, especially now that contemporary society is evolving so rapidly and becoming ever more present that the notions "definitive boundaries" aren't really long lasting, you know? It's no longer a question of beginnings, but one of continuity, movements, multiplicity, and flows. And by that I mean, the point of origin is diminishing or losing its so called "fire-power" so where one “comes from” is more a question of these temporal zones, that is, how the one perceives how they fit into any given space at a specific time.

That’s a highly evolved way of thinking. How does this influence the work you do?

Ummm. I think it allows for thinking about the migration of subjectivity, collective intelligence, and intellectual property in a very nomadic and new way. What do these things actually mean? This sense of dislocation is simply a signifier for transcendence. Let's try and push stability out the door, or at least reconfigure it a little bit. It pretty much gives me the go ahead to not limit or paint myself into any corners, per-se.  This ambiguity of departure, this thwarting of starting point, is something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

Sticking to the prophecy of age-old aphorisms, "It's not where you're from, but where you're at." I think this feels the most comfortable in relation to your question… although, I'm presently living in London.

What’s happening in London right now? Why the move?

Good question, I'm sort of asking myself this same thing on the daily. I’m doing a Masters in Interactive Media at Goldsmiths. Playing the role of student at the moment. My intentions with coming here were really founded in trying to formulate a new practice, one based in conceptual methods ranging from the application of new media theory to cybernetic investigations via writing, publishing, software use etc.

What sort of impact did your upbringing have on your chosen career path?

Ummm…. Growing up so far removed from everything except nature probably led me down this path. The three contributing factors to me even making art or having any valuable creative tendencies are isolation, horror movies and hip-hop. Three disparate and far reaching mediums of expression, but I gotta say they're probably the double helix of my internal code. What seems to be my entire creative make-up was kind of soldered together through the exposure and obsessive consumption of these three creative outlets.

The genre specific brutality of the mid 80's and early 90's horror was inclined to take place in natural settings. Woods, lakes, abandon houses, expansive and alienating spaces, mainly rural, were the typically jumping off points for the grotesque. This was my backyard. I connected with that. I saw those discarded, and equally scary houses, dead animal carcasses, and as a naturally curious boy, I wanted to explore those in hopes of encountering something frightful.

I was drawn to spatial exploration a lot as a kid. The physicality involved with exploring space was very important to my development. Walking through the woods, exploring ponds, chopping down trees- all physical manipulations of space. All were equally important to my understanding of creativity, subjectivity, and the world.

But it was more a case of me being completely dissatisfied with being stuck in rural America, I longed for the city. The concrete draw and urbanity translated to commotion, noise, creativity, flows, and people. This excited me from a very early age. So I took refuge in hip-hop. And that is that.



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