Releases This Week: Faile, Momo, Sam3 & Love Sour Love

October 21st, 2009 Posted by: Paper Monster

We are pleased to announce new prints and originals to be released this Thursday.

These past few months have been quiet as we re-worked the site and built out a few more features.  As a result we have quite a few prints completed and a couple more in the works to release before the end of this year. 

To kick this off we have a release this Thursday, October 22nd, sometime during the morning hours here in New York.  In this release we will be feature our first limited edition book Love Sour Love.  More details on the book can be found on our storepage as well as in the following post.  In addition to the book, we also are featuring a new silkscreened edition by Faile, a new etching edition by Sam3, and a new original from our man MOMO.

As always, the best way to stay informed about print releases is to follow the blog or sign up for our mailing list.

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Great release guys. Thanks. I was wondering how long it took (will take) to make the whole edition of Faile prints?

Paper Monster

Hey AF - these were a ton of work, total time was probably about 3 weeks from start to finish. - PM


Respect. At least it was quicker than producing the "Love Sour Love" book. Keep up the great work.

darren Strange

awesome release. really disappointed i missed the faile print - its beautiful. gutted to see so many on ebay already when genuine fans missed out. c'est la vie. keep up the good work guys :)

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