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November 7th, 2011 Posted by: Paper Monster

If you haven't stopped to check in at MOMO's website for a while he has some great new documentation (FAME Festival, etc) of what he has been up to these past couple of months, including this gem which chronicles the popular Miami Paintings we released a little over a month back.  There are still a couple left here, so if you like the video swing by and grab one.  

Miami Paintings 2011 from MOMO on Vimeo.

And one of my favorite stunts he has pulled with fellow artist Eltono involved creating 40 unique highly colored flags to bring a little joy to the desolate street of Teinsestraat, Leuven.

TIENSESTRAAT from Eltono on Vimeo.

"It was also funny that we tried to determine which street in Leuven was the dreariest, most devoid of color, so our intervention might have contrast. We choose Tiensestraat." - MOMO

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