The Music Box: A Shantytown Sound Laboratory

May 21st, 2012 Posted by: Paper Monster

The Music Box, a Swoon related project happening in New Orleans is once again open for performances after a short winter hiatus.  If you are in the New Orleans area or have any travel plans, this is one stop you should definetly plan to make.  Catch it before it is too late.  More info here.

Spring Hours:

12 - 5 pm Fridays and Saturdays

1027 Piety Street, New Orleans.

The Brooklyn-based artist Swoon has joined forces with New Orleans Airlift to create a landmark sculpture in New Orleans. Dithyrambalina will look like a house, but sound like a musical instrument. A growing group of local and national sound artists are experimenting with interactive instruments that can be built into its walls and floorboards allowing visitors and musicians to bring the house to life through their touch. Last fall they debuted prototypes in a temporary installation called THE MUSIC BOX, A Shantytown Sound Laboratory.



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