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June 20th, 2012 Posted by: Paper Monster


Our friend Mike Perry just lauched a project on Kickstarter earlier this week to fund a community/art project here on his home turf, Crown Heights - Brooklyn.  Head over to the official Kickstarter site to donate, check out the gifts, and learn more about the project.

Also, peep his website here to see more of his work.



WAW will be a 3 month free community exhibition and event space where I will be conducting workshops, screenings, gatherings, open discussions, and much more. The space will be a living / evolving environment where visitors will be able to freely explore and create their own unique experience.

Free Workshops:

Zine Workshop: Spend a day making a zine with me and some friends. Each participant will walk away with a group zine and a zine of their own.

Drawing Workshop: Want to sit a giant table and spend the day drawing? Now is your chance. Play exquisite corpse and other drawing games. Sketch a crazy still life and do some figure drawing all in the exhibition space.

Type Workshop: Let’s build alphabets. Spend the day thinking and talking about typography. Explore the power of the word and letterform.

Creativity Workshop: Get in touch with your true creative self. Discuss how to let go of the restrictions and creative baggage that help facilitate the ominous creative block.


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