Tomokazu Matsuyama "New Works" @ Mark Moore Gallery 9/8/2012

September 7th, 2012 Posted by: Paper Monster

To all our west coast readers, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new solo show from Tomokazu Matsuyama, aka Matsu.

We were recently at Matsu's studio, finishing up the last couple of details of a print we are producing with him that should be out in October of this year.  While there, we got a sneak peek of some of the work he was packing up for the show.  After seeing the pieces, if you are able to make it to the show at all it is certainly worth the trip.  If you cannot however, I have posted a couple shots below.  All the info can be found below.


Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to announce "New Work," a presentation of paintings by artist Tomokazu Matsuyama in the Project Room. The exhibition will mark the artist's first solo show with the gallery, as well as within Los Angeles. Featuring seven new vivid compositions and one small-scale sculpture, the exhibition will showcase Matsuyama’s dexterous combination of graphic sensibility and Japanese iconography.

Drawing upon his own bicultural experience of living in both Japan and the United States, Matsuyama explores issues of shifting identity. Appropriated imagery from Japanese folklore and art history seamlessly intertwine with western painterly influences such as Abstract Expressionism and, more contemporaneously, street art. Small shards of geometric shapes forge larger composite forms; exaggerated auspicious caricatures backdropped by varying patterns and frenetic Pollock-like splatters. As if constructed by collage, each figure floats against an atmospheric ombré background reminiscent of a dusky sky. Each painting achieves balances through equal parts chaos and control, the result of which is a hyperkinetic tableau with a dream-like mood. Referencing Japanese traditionalism, Matsuyama's creations begin with a focus on recollection and storytelling through allegorical figuration. Fused with these tropes are Matsuyama's western aesthetic influences - as seen in his pop-cultural use of illustrative technique and florescent color palette. His unconventionally shaped paintings act as statements about today’s larger global society, which refutes autonomous cultural boundaries by embracing notions of fusion and hybridity.




"New Works"


Opening Reception- Saturday, Sep 8th, 6 - 8 PM

Exhibition on view from September 8th thru October 27th, 2012



Mark Moore Gallery

5790 Washington Blvd. 

Culver City, CA 90232

Tel 310 453 3031



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