Release Today: How and Nosm "Storm Predictions"

November 1st, 2012 Posted by: Paper Monster

We are excited to announce a new print from the artist duo How and Nosm, aptly titled Storm Predictions today at 1pm EST via the Paper Monster store.  

Storm Predictions, a 7-color screenprint with loads of hand finishing, is based on an original large-scale painting of the same title that is in the art collection of the late Tony Goldman, a noteworthy supporter of the German twin-brothers’ work, and who's Houston and Bowery wall is about to get some fresh How and Nosm love as the duo start a new mural tomorrow.

For more info on the duo visit their site here and for all our fellow New Yorkers, swing by to see the mural on Houston and Bowery this weekend.

Grab a print HERE!

Storm Predictions

Dimensions: 24 x 24 Inches

7 Color Screenprint with airbrush, india ink, collage and stencil on Coventry Rag Archival Paper

Signed, Dated and Numbered - How and Nosm 2012.

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