Release: COST X Rostarr - 12/5/12

December 4th, 2012 Posted by: Paper Monster

Gearing up for the holiday season we are excited to announce a series of releases over the next two weeks to be shipped before the holiday season (so dont worry).

First up we would like to introduce to our roster of artists Romon Kimin Yang aka Rostarr.  We are kicking it off with two great prints, La Lune & La Lune (With Blessings) tomorrow, Wednesday December 5th.  La Lune is our first circular print, which we are very excited about, and La Lune (With Blessings) is a beautiful smaller edition version that Rostarr has given what he likes to call his hand finished "blessings".

La Lune (With Blessings)

30 x 38 Inches

Screenprint on Archival Paper, Hand Finished with Acrylic

Signed - Rostarr 2012

La Lune (framed in picture above)

Dimensions: Circular @ 26.5 Inches Diameter

Screenprint on Archival Paper

Signed - Rostarr 2012

Rostarr stamping and signing La Lune prior to cutting.

Next up is the long awaited second release from COST.  COST REVS "Fuck You" Print -1993 will also go up on the website tomorrow (December 5th) at around noon here in New York.  The print like his last release is a relief style print on top of an iridescent silver acrylic. Quite tricky to photograph well but really nice in person.

COST REVS "Fuck You" Print - 1993

23.5 x 36.5 Inches

Relief Print on Archival Paper 

Deckled Edges

Signed - Cost 2012


The last but certainly not least is the second release from Matsu, a 20 color screenprint print titled Mr. Alpha, mixed with unique hand finishing as well as a digital epson element. This will be released on our site on Wednesday, December 12th at around noon.  

Mr. Alpha 

Dimensions: Circular @ 26.5 Inches

Epson Print, 20 Color Screenprint & Hand Finishing on Archival Paper

Signed - Matsu 2012




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