SOLD OUT Release: Ludo "Bee with Protection Mask"

August 29th, 2013 Posted by: Paper Monster

We are excited to announce the release of "Bee with Protection Mask" by the one and only Ludo. The new print is a limited edition of 70, all hand painted by Ludo with his signature green accents.  The print will go up in our store section of the site tomorrow, Thursday Sept. 5th around noon here in NYC.

We have been trying to get Ludo into the studio to work on an edition on paper ever since we released the popular Pineapple Skull sculpture last year and finally had a small window to invite him by this past month while he traveled though NYC.  

Check out pictures of the new print as well as a nice variety of his recent street projects below....

Bee with Protection Mask

Limited Edition Print of 70

Dimensions: 25 x 38 Inches.

Acrylic, Silkscreen Ink, Graphite and Oil Paint on Archival Paper.

Signed and Numbered, Ludo. 2013



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