"We felt as though we had given birth to 100 babies..."

November 4th, 2009 Posted by: Jarema

At 4:30 am on my way home one late night I ran into my friend Hilary Zarabi-Azaam who was leaving her apartment, arms full of art supplies and records. 

"Where could you possibly be going with all that stuff right now?!" I wondered out loud.

Hilary was headed to Camilla Padgitt-Cole's house to continue their collaboration of designing 100 individual album covers for their friends' band Teengirl Fantasy's 12" single HOLLYWOOD HILS (b/w LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE).  Each album cover is  a one of a kind, hand painted work of art.  They used a combination of paint pens, gouache, colored pencils, and collage.

"At the end of the entire experience, we felt as though we had given birth to 100 babies, and then we had to ship them off to Amsterdam for the release party.  The experience of making these covers was at times tedious and frustrating, at other times euphoric and inspiring." Camilla says. 

View the entire collection of album art on Camilla's blog and support the artists + band.

Listen to Teengirl Fantasy's single here and go see them on tour now if you live in Europe! 

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