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November 12th, 2009 Posted by: Paper Monster

As the weather gets a little cooler here in NYC I have been searching for something to remind me of summer... thought I would post a podcast created by Antonio Diaz with some summertime sounds for you all to enjoy.

To download the podcast click here. 

Below is a bit of info as well as a track listing sent from Antonio.

Sun Comes Up Every Night

"mixed over a week long stint in the middle of a blazing ny summer. i took breaks to watch horror movies and was constantly being refreshed by ice cold tecate. music for a sunburn"....

  1. Graham lambkin-poem for voice and tape pt.2
  2. The Free Design-kites are fun
  3. Wendy & Bonnie - The Night Behind Us [Crystal Fountain Acetate]
  4. The 5th Dimension-California Soul
  5. Igor Wakhevitch-Tenebres (Walpurgis)
  6. The Free Design-i found love
  7. Gilberto Gil-frevo rasgado
  8. Eddie Callahan-across the line
  9. Ducktails-gem
  10. The Yellow Balloon- good feelin' time
  11. Rain Parade-whats she done to your mind
  12. Yellow Balloon-the child of st. monica
  13. The Dukes of Stratosphear-bike ride to the moon
  14. Wendy and Bonnie-endless pathway
  15. Dave Bixby- morning sun
  16. The Free Design-bubbles
  17. Giuseppe Ielasi-untitled
  18. Graham Lambkin-poem for voice and tape pt2(reversed)
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