November 19th, 2009 Posted by: Paper Monster

This Friday there is a show opening at ANONYMOUS GALLERY highlighting the artists and story behind the "Swimming Cities of Serenissima".  No doubt this will be a great show to check out.


160 Bowery. New York, NY 10002

Pankabestia: Punk Beasts of the Swimming Cities of Serenissima, is a retrospective of artist Swoon’s "Swimming Cities of Serenissima", the artist’s recent invasion of the Venice Biennale. Traveling from the Karst region of Slovenia to Venice, Italy, Swoon and more than 30 other artists braved the waters of the Adriatic Sea and navigated a fleet of three intricately hand crafted vessels. The exhibition, curated by Spy Emerson, opens on November 20, 2009 and will include large-scale wall drawings, original Swimming Cities boat installations, portions of the ships, found objects acquired from sea. The exhibition will also feature performers Gatto Morto, Tianna Kennedy and Adina Bier, beautiful photographic documentation from artist Tod Seelie, and original artwork from Swoon, Spy Emerson, Monica Canilao, plus many more.

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