Flickr Find: Will Laren

January 7th, 2010 Posted by: Paper Monster

I'v been following the art of Will Laren for about a year now and thought it may be time to share with our readers.  

I discovered him while flipping through Flickr a while back and every time I go back to visit his page there is new content to get a laugh out of.  Will frequently posts new small watercolors drawings scanned directly from his notebook as well as the occasional cheeky collage with humorous commentary and observations that are generally spot on. If you have the time scan through the entire body of his work (he has posted hundreds) and I am certain you will find at least a couple that make you smile.

He sells some of these via his Flickr and they are a great deal, so if there is one you are especially drawn to, chances are you may be able to nab it.

Check out his blog as well here. Below are a few recent favorites....

All images via Will Laren

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