Gaia: The Urban Romantic

June 14th, 2010 Posted by: Paper Monster

Wanted to announce a new Gaia show opening this Saturday @ IRVINE CONTEMPORARY in Washington DC.  Paper Monster friend Gaia has a solo show coming ya'll should check out.  We've posted a couple of images in the past few weeks showcasing some of Gaia's recent street work and here is an opportunity to see it in a curated setting.  Below is a little info on the show....

Irvine Contemporary is pleased to present new works and on-site installations by gallery artist Gaia. In Urban Romantic, Gaia will present new compositions that combine decollage, linocut prints, and painting on wood panels, and new on-site street mural installations. Opening reception with the artist: Saturday, June 19, 6-8PM.

Gaia’s “Urban Romantic” concept is neither utopian nor nostalgic, but grounded in his practice of placing specific imagery in the context of city locations. Drawing on his new and evolving body of imagery depicting human and animal figures, Gaia's new work reflects on the ancient themes of animal and human sympathies, but now in the context of the city and the human built environment. Working with myth and symbolic animal figures, Gaia's street murals are like the works of an urban shaman drawing on a positive force from animal protectors.

IRVINE CONTEMPORARY 1412 14th St., NW, Washington, DC 20005 Phone: (202) 332-8767

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