The 2010 Vice Photo Show

July 21st, 2010 Posted by: Paper Monster

Tomorrow night is Vice Magazine's annual photography show in conjuction with the release of their yearly photo issue.  Make sure to RSVP and check it out, hopefully see you there. All info below....

THE VICE PHOTO SHOW 2010 - July 22-28

The Torture Never Stops: A Selection of Photographs by Jerry Hsu

Presented by Scion, Curated by Jesse Pearson and Jerry Hsu

To celebrate the release of the annual photo issue, Vice is annoucning their Photo Show 2010. Unlike in previous years where the show was a reflection of the issue, this year the show will feature over 200 photographs from Jerry Hsu, curated by himself and Vice Editor-in-Chief Jesse Pearson.

The Vice Photo Show 2010 is presented by Scion, with special thanks to Emerica, Espolon Tequila and Incase.  To attend please RSVP here.

Opening July 22nd @ 7pm.  70 Franklin Street, Tribeca, New York

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