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BORF: See Something Say Something @ The Outsiders Newcastle

October 20th, 2011Posted by: Paper MonsterTomorrow is the opening of the first solo UK show from our man Borf, up at The Outsiders in Newcastle.  His new works play on familiar BORF themes, glorifying subculture as a critique on mainstream culture....

New Borf Original Drawings, Up Tomorrow!

January 26th, 2011Posted by: Paper MonsterHey all, Just wanted to kick the new year off with a great series of drawings by our man Borf.  Below is a quick preview, with more info coming Thursday.    

Potty Trained at Gunpoint - Washington DC - Saturday Sept. 11th.

September 9th, 2010Posted by: Paper MonsterJohn Tsmobikos (also known as Borf to many) opens his first solo gallery show in Washington DC this weekend at The Fridge Saturday September 11th.  There is a good write-up on the show here as well as...

Reminder: Beyond The Street Book Release NYC

May 26th, 2010Posted by: Paper MonsterHope to see you all there... remember to RSVP here.

Borf Returns to DC?

March 4th, 2010Posted by: Paper MonsterThere has been alot of chatter over a new piece that went up in DC this past weekend.  In a very "Borf-esque" way... a simple roller appeared on a busy corner late one night reading "DEPRESSION." leading...

Introducing Love Sour Love (Update w/ More Pictures)

October 22nd, 2009Posted by: Paper MonsterToday we will be releasing our first limited edition hand-built book Love Sour Love.  Started back in 2005 by the guys at Faile, this book has finally come to realization this past summer with a range...

Borf in Athens

October 15th, 2009Posted by: Paper MonsterOur friend Borf is at it again, this time terrorizing the streets of Athens with a collection of cheeky one liners and all around horrible jokes.  Below are a couple of "choice" pics we were able to collect...
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