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Paper Monster: HS - Many of the artists chose to sign the pages they submitted while others chose not to, so there is no set signature page rather they are scattered throughout the book. -PM

Posted in /blog: Introducing Love Sour Love (Update w/ More Pictures), October 22nd, 2009

Paper Monster: Each artist chose their own way to submit their works. The majority of the pages are silkscreened by the artists themselves, but the printing techniques vary from artist to artist. - PM

Posted in /blog: Introducing Love Sour Love (Update w/ More Pictures), October 22nd, 2009

Paper Monster: Hey AF - these were a ton of work, total time was probably about 3 weeks from start to finish. - PM

Posted in /blog: Releases This Week: Faile, Momo, Sam3 & Love Sour Love, October 22nd, 2009

Paper Monster: Ambrosia - Looks like we will launch them later this week (Thursday-ish). The release is another small one, I have to get the prints photographed and then will put them up the following day. - PM

Posted in /blog: Welcome 2010, January 11th, 2010

Paper Monster: ade -The Supine print is an edition of 25, same style as the the last (perfect wave) print which was a block print and then hand painted. Due to travels we have postponed the release a bit he returns.

Posted in /blog: Welcome 2010, January 15th, 2010

Paper Monster: Ambrosia - There are two variations of the print, each edition is less than 10.

Posted in /blog: Releases: Bast "The Wig" Print, January 19th, 2010

Paper Monster: nice!

Posted in /projects: , February 26th, 2010

Paper Monster: nice photo!

Posted in /projects: , March 16th, 2010

Paper Monster: Is this a screenprinted poster? - PM

Posted in /projects: , July 19th, 2010

Paper Monster: Hey, We are sorry for the technical problems and headaches the site may have cause for people. Just to clarify, we are offering a few prints to people as they are made available (people who have purchased, canceling their orders). No one gets special treatment. We also make every effort to find prints on Ebay and cancel orders/alert Ebay. We do not condone resales, and try to get the artwork to true fans, as best as we can. We will try harder. Sincerely, Paper Monster

Paper Monster: While we appreciate the discourse, please refrain from inappropriate language when making comments on PM or they will be removed. Thanks again for everyone's patience, support and understanding. Paper Monster

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