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Sir Mixdog: Typical scam. These prints, be it banksy, faile, etc, etc...never really sell. it's always a technical issue, crashed website, quick sell out, etc...they never pick your email in drawings, etc.....f*cking liars and cheaters. 99 percent of the flippers are greedy bastards like these fly by night "galleries"

Sir Mixdog: Paper Monster is awesome, I was just upset. It's the same day flippers that ruin this for us.

Sir Mixdog: If you believe anything Paper Monster says, you're going to be really disappointed. Liars, that's about all that can be said for them.

Sir Mixdog: All their messages are to be posted on the pro boards. There you can see how they cheat, lie and steal from their customers. How they will sell you a print, take your money, and then turn around and give said print to one of their friends that was unable to get one. How they will always take care of their buddies, as long as their friends "keep it quiet". Paper Monster, pay attention who you're emailing you morons. Check who you're sending the message to before you hit "send".

Sir Mixdog: And Paper Monster, funny how you deleted about 15 messages on here from people you've screwed. Nice, really nice. Really, it's obvious you "appreciate the discourse". How does anyone let someone like you do business for them? Blows my mind.

Sir Mixdog: Once again, Paper Monster f*cks up a Faile release. Every single time you guys find a way to screw the pooch in a major way. I can't believe the typical "it was an accident" or "unplanned" b.s.. This has to be the plan, so it drives the hype machine. But, at what point is the hype not worth the complete loss of trust and confidence of your customers. I actually came back, gave Paper Monster and Faile another chance, even after I have experienced screwup after screwup, disappointment after disappointment. But, forget it, I'm finished with both of them. Every single time it's the same story. Either they sell you a piece, and then take it away from you because they "oversold the item". Or, you cart an item, go to the payment screen, fill in your billing and shipping info, etc...only to have the screen crash/freeze, then get met with a message popping up saying 'no longer available'. Or, you just can't access the page. You log on an hour before the scheduled release, wait patiently, have the screen set up (and working perfectly), click refresh a zillion times...have everything as perfect as can be. And then, like f*cking magic, the second of the scheduled release, the site suddenly and magically goes down and crashes, or it freezes up. Usually (LIKE TODAY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE), the crash/freeze/delay/etc....lasts only a few minutes. But, not surprisingly, those few minutes are exactly the amount of time it takes for everything to magically disappear/sellout. How's that for timing. The sale page worked perfect for the hour before and the hour after the sale/release. But, those critical 3 minutes, and the site magically is unavailable. Paper Monster seems to have this happen every single time. Is all this a directive from Faile? Why does Faile continue to do business with people like Paper Monster, if they're obviously completely incompetent? Who knows, who really knows.

Posted in /blog: Release Update: Faile Book Covers - Sold Out, October 30th, 2013
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