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Kript: Very True, almost like buying a concert ticket to a extremely famous band or a group performing at a small theater or auditorium type venues, sells out in seconds and you will see the $75 tickets flipped for hundreds, if not thousands, usually the same scenario, people who couldn't get tickets usually throws a tantrum and very angry claiming they are true fans and blames the scalpers, same exact thing with print release from a popular artists, I can't imagine how many thousands of people accessed this site to bring this site to it's knees, ultimately knocking the site out, flat on it's back for hours.

Kript: Don't get your hopes up buddy, Obey art said the same thing, "We also hate flippers and we will find the ebay flippers and cancel their orders, and if one becomes available, you will have the opportunity to purchase one" then I kept a close watch on several listings and they were never taken down or canceled, instead, some folks actually purchased some of the prints at the inflated prices, bottom line is that this is a business and just as long it sells out, they do not care who buys it, they will not invest the time to find 15-25 ebay listing and more added by the day and find out the seller ID and item#, then contact eBay and explain the whole situation and more likely eBay will not give out the sellers information without purchasing from the seller, even though eBay did release sensitive information of the sellers, then they would need to go to their Paypal account and sort out the 15-25 names out of hundreds of transactions, issue a refund and cancel their orders, then they would have to deal with the angry flippers and they may contact Better Business Bureau and file a complaint and hurt their business, then contact the people who got the refund for over selling and giving them a chance to purchase the prints, would have to do this in a daily basis, since new listings pops up everyday and some waits until they have the print in hand. Sounds like a big pain in the ass. Instead, they will tell you what you want to hear, to give people a sense of hope to get people off their back, but in reality, Nothing changes.

Kript: Obey bought a print off eBay once, banned the dude and posted the letter on their site that Shepard Fairey wrote to the flipper just to prove a point, to make it look like they are doing something about it, Obey has been releasing prints in a weekly-bi-weekly basis in a edition of 450 usually, doubt they keep track of who bought which number off of the 450 of every prints released, only Banksy prints keep records, since they need the information for authentication in the future, ($75 a certificate of authenticity) and they would be bankrupt and out of business, if they buy every single print they sold for more than triple of what they sold it for.

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