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HandiedanFaile: I received tracking info today. If you had bad luck buying one, it's just that. Bad luck. Thousands of people are all trying to buy the same few prints at the same time. Demand is just greater than supply.

HandiedanFaile: Obey buys prints off ebay just to find out who the flippers are. They keep track of who bought which number of print and ban them. Faile prints sell for so much more, it would be pretty hard for them to do the same thing.

HandiedanFaile: It wasn't just a one time thing. Some guy was bitching on Facebook a couple weeks ago who bought a print and flipped it. He went on and on about how Shepard Fairey was his favorite artist and he only sold his print because he needed the money. It's in the comments section of the Sedation of Millions release if I remember right.

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